Welcome to Telemedicine at PHCA!

Please read all of this information thoroughly so you are prepared for your telemedicine visit to go as smoothly as possible. The link to open your telemedicine visit is at the very end of this page.

PHCA is offering telemedicine for select visit types. This secure service is compliant with current HIPAA regulations. During scheduling calls, your office will advise you if your visit is eligible for telemedicine and what to expect. 


After a Visit is Scheduled

Your office will send an email with visit details and instructions. Please keep this email for reference until your visit - you will need your unique Meeting ID from the email to connect to your visit.

If you can't find the email, search your account for a message from "DO_NOT_REPLY" or the keyword "telemedicine", and also check your junk/spam folder just in case. If you are still not able to locate the email, call the office for assistance: PHCA Office List - Contact Info


Prepare for Telemedicine Visit

1. TEST: We are using the GoTo Meeting service for secure telemedicine visits. Please test your connection to this service as far in advance as possible. 
CLICK HERE TO TEST (this is a test link only, and cannot be used for your actual visit)

2. LEARN: How to use GoTo MeetingNew Attendee Guide
How to access your telemedicine visit with PHCA 
Video (volume on):

Ready to begin your visit?

Connection tested successfully

Patient is sitting with you in front of computer/device

Meeting ID: Sent with your visit instruction email

Please enable your camera and microphone in the preview window - icons should be green