The Florida High School Athletic Association requires the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation form for students involved in school sports.

The form is substantially long and includes portions that need to be completed and signed by the parent and student. 


The following portions need to be completed before the form can be provided to your child's pediatrician:
These portions are highlighted for reference on our form link below

Page 1 - All Sections

Page 2 - All Sections (incl. Student / Parent Signatures)

Page 3 - Student Information (top)

Page 4 - Student Information (top), Student / Parent Signatures (bottom)

Page 5 - N/A - Only needed in case of specialist referral - you will be advised if this page needs to be completed. 


Additional Information

We also want to remind families that this form can be completed at the time of your child's physical/wellness checkup at no charge.

At any other time, please allow three business days for the completion of this form. We do assess an administrative fee for the time necessary to complete forms (per our Billing Guidelines). 

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