Caring for Your Child's Asthma

The following resources are recommended by our pediatricians for our patients with asthma. 

>> For Parents: What is Asthma?

>> For Kids: What is Asthma?

>> What is an Asthma Action Plan?

>> Nine Asthma Triggers and What to Do About Them 

>> Printable Handouts
This link includes printable resources on asthma triggers, medication and device instructions, and additional asthma-related information. 

How To Videos

>> How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) with a Spacer (English)

>> How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) with a Mask (English)

>> Using a Spacer with Mask (Spanish)

>> Option 1: Using an Inhaler without a Spacer*

>> Option 2: Using an Inhaler without a Spacer*
*Note: Many children and teens are unable to coordinate well enough and need a spacer to get the medication into their lungs. Talk with your pediatrician to know whether your child is OK to use the inhaler without a spacer.

>> How to Use a Dry Powder Diskus Inhaler (e.g. Advair Diskus, Flovent Diskus)

>> How to use a Pulmicort Flexhaler

>> How to Use an Asmanex Twisthaler