Updated 08/25/2021

At PHCA, we feel strongly that having all students wear masks in schools will protect children from COVID-19, as well as help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics guidance is that nearly all children ages 2 years and older can safely wear a mask, including the vast majority of those with an underlying health condition, with rare exceptions.

Requests for mask exemptions are overwhelming our offices, which are already stretched thin with the ongoing pandemic and unusually high patient volume for primary care needs. To help guide parents, please see below for information on the limited circumstances under which a mask exemption might be provided. 

With recent changes from local school districts about mask wearing in schools, we want patients to know that exemptions will only be provided in rare, specific cases which may include the following, and must be an established/previously diagnosed condition.

  • Patients with physical or intellectual conditions who are not able to place or remove a face mask independently
  • Patients with severe autism spectrum disorders or developmental delays
  • Patients with structural abnormalities of the head or neck

Please take these guidelines under consideration before requesting an exemption. 


We also ask that parents continue to treat our office staff with respect and kindness, they are valued members of our team doing their very best to provide quality service under extraordinary circumstances. Thank you in advance.